Qube Ryde

活力明朗生活的最佳代言 – 室内外无缝连接的全新体验

For those who appreciate fine architecture, love the vibrancy and convenience of urban life while appreciating the beauty of green, natural surroundings. Qube is offering a piece of luxury unlike any other in Ryde.

Mere moments from its door, the waterways of the Parramatta River providing a magical backdrop to this icon-in-the-making. Designed by Stephen Bowers Architects, this boutique collection of 41, one and two-bedroom apartments offers affordable luxury that’s well within reach.

The building’s distinctive cube-like design sets a bold new architectural benchmark, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and premium finishes. Acting as a central hub for the North West, the Meadowbank and broader Ryde area. Blessed with a seemingly limitless array of lifestyle attractions and amenities to make life a sheer pleasure.

Top Ryde 和 Rhodes 购物中心几乎就在家门口。Rhodes购物中心的Ikea宜家家私更是一家大小的购物玩乐好去处。想体验更丰盛的购物乐趣,还可以驾车5分钟来到悉尼最大的品牌奥德莱斯DFO或者驾车 15至20分钟到达Macquarie购物中心或者Chatswood Westfield。

About Us


Maxillian Property 万诚地产与传统地产公司不同,我们以“高,精,专”的概念



每位客户都是独一无二的 需要个性化的投资方案, 我们的目 标是百分百满足客户的一切需求。通过高度专业化的市场调研 ,时刻掌握市场变化,无论您的房产是投资还是自住,我们的 团队都能为您度身定制专属的理财档案,提供一站式的无忧理 财服务,为您的财富旅途保驾护航。

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